Foreign Direct Investment

There are general ways to invest in Indonesia.
  1. Open your own PMA (foreign owned company)

    This option comes with a lot of requirements such as minimum capital (currently approx. US$ 800k), quarterly reporting, etc. We are happy to helps in setting up a PMA for our customer if their capital expenditure is sufficient.

  2. Invest in a existing Foreign Direct Investment Company

    This is what you do when investing with Private Sanctuary Projects, it allows you to invest in a company that has projects in Indonesia for the same type of returns but with less hassle and administration. Please read more about this type of investment here.

Private Sanctuary

With over 30 years’ experience in real estate Private Sanctuary looks forward to make your dream become reality...
HKEAA Licence No. C-062434
Private Sanctuary
HKEAA Licence No. C-062434
Rinjani Proyek Utama Licensed by Arebi Broker Association
PT. Rinjani Proyek Utama
Licensed No. Reg. BPT 25500735 2021
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