Foreign Direct investments for Private Sanctuary Projects

Who is the owner and developer of Private Sanctuary Projects?
Our projects are FDI projects and the owner and developer is either PT Private Sanctuary Indonesia or a specific company setup just for the project. PT Private Sanctuary Indonesia has several Developments on Lombok and oversees several other developments for clients

Who are the architects of Private Sanctuary Projects?
PS Architecture is headed by Daniel Paetzold, a licensed architect and adjunct associate professor at Chinese University in Hong Kong and our architectural team in Hong Kong, Jakarta and Lombok.
If you have your own architect, Private Sanctuary is more than happy to work with them to make your dream become reality…

Who operates Private Sanctuary Projects?
PT Private Sanctuary Indonesia operates and manage the resort and villa rentals.

What other facilities are there?
Some of our projects are only villas for a relaxed, private feel, whilst others include a resort with clubhouse offering such amenities as restaurants, community pool, a fitness center, tennis courts and yoga shalas.

What are the benefits of being a investor in Private Sanctuary Projects?
  • Enjoy owning a share in a property in a prime and growing resort destination
  • Enjoy a high return on investment from the rental income of the villas
  • Strong land capital appreciation
  • Fully managed development
  • Full maintenance of villas with immediate repair of small wear and tear
  • Investors receive a monthly financial and operational update
  • Investors and guests can use resort facilities
What is the expected return I get for my investment?
We have conservatively forecast annual returns in the region of 10-20% depending on the project.

Can I sell my investment?
Your shares are freely tradeable to third parties. Private Sanctuary can always assist in finding new investors for your shares when you are interested to exit.

As a foreigner, can I purchase land and what would the status of my ownership be?
Foreigners cannot purchase land in Indonesia. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to invest in a clearly defined share structure with the company that owns and operates the respective project.

Why should I invest in a villa within a resort hotel in Lombok now?
One of the primary factors in choosing the right land and hotel investments are the nightly room rates and occupancy level at the destination. Luxury developments on the Lombok Riviera charge a price of 250 to 400 US$ per night with an average 80% occupancy levelAdd this to with ever growing tourist arrivals whose demand is due to exceed supply for many years to come.

The subsequent returns paired with low land prices are unachievable in saturated markets like Bali and other well-known destinations. Therefore the timing is good to get into the market now with great return opportunity plus benefits of future land appreciation.

Who are the competitors on the Lombok Riviera?
Whilst there are other new projects in Lombok, at present, we make sure each of our projects is suited for the area and layout of the land using over a decade of experience in the area paired with international projects Private Sanctuary has worked on.

What agreement do I need to sign and what is the procedure to invest in Private Sanctuary Projects?
A complete step by step process will be sent upon request. Please contact us for details.

Does each property have an individual certificate?
Individual certificates can only be owned by Indonesians as a HM title or leased by PMAs as a HGB title (Indonesian foreign owned companies). Private Sanctuary Indonesia can sell and certify land for Indonesians or PMAs and will use the monies to further invest in its development.

Who is handling the legal side of the contract?
For investment in our FDI company our Hong Kong team will be in contact with you. For local certification / leases we work closely with a Lombok based Notary that we can recommend and facilitate a smooth process.
Local sales are handled by our partner company PT Rinjani Proyek Utama

Can I subdivide my investment if owned under my own title?
No. It is our intention to ensure that much of the land remains undeveloped and naturally landscaped, thereby ensuring the beauty of the location and desire to visit and stay at our developments. This also helps to maintain the value of your land and property at the project.

What is included in the investment?
  • Clear land title
  • Access to the property and within the resort itself
  • All necessary licences
How long does it take to build a villa?
Depending on the structure and development building time on Lombok ranges from 6-18 months. PS Architecture has an experienced architectural site management team, ensuring villas are completed at the right quality and on time.

Who will be in charge during the villa construction?
We have our own university educated and trained technical architects on site preparing daily reports on the progress of the construction for our Jakarta and Hong Kong offices. They monitor the build progress. This allows PS Architecture to guarantee a transparent construction progress and prevent delays.

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