Nusa Penida Villas - Prime Investment

For Sale
Location: Bali, Nusa Penida
USD 425,000
Property Type
400 m2

Invest in Nusa Penida's prime property. The project is located in Nusa Penida, a mystic and absolute unique island, with its own climate zone (part of the Australian climate zone), a unique bio-diversity (bird-sanctuary since 2004), HISTORY (1000 years of independent kingdom), traditions, and even dialects. It is characterized by jaw-dropping CLIFFS and is surrounded by top diving and snorkeling spots (Golden Triangle Archipelago).

A hassle-free investment into exclusive 4-bedroom villas on a stunning strip of land above the ocean, on one of Indonesia’s most beautiful islands, professionally operated to let the villa work for your passive income.

Specifications and features:

  • Each of the 14 units has its own fantastic sea-view
  • Villas are positioned to grant privacy to neighbors
  • 4 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms
  • 264m2 living area
  • Private pool
  • ECO – Friendly
    1. “Nature conscience” architecture, using materials such as rammed earth and bamboo roofs, locally sourced
    2. Energy saving – designed for natural cooling and airflow
    3. Surrounded by nature
  • Open kitchen
  • At an ideal location  to explore the island – right “in the middle” of the Must-see beaches – and at 15-20 min from the new harbor

Legal Structure:

  • The project is on a 25-year leasehold, one of the safest legal structures in Indonesia
  • Flexible investment: Chose your legal setup in accordance with your needs
  • All investments provide land and building as executable  and transferable security to you
  • We facilitate for the Villa to be marketed and operated professionally via a non-binding management agreement, so you are not “locked”, should you not be satisfied with our performance
  • Dividend payments on a quarterly basis

Materials and MEP:

Local Material

“Going local” plays a key role in Sustainability. Our 2 most important materials amount to a total of 85% of the total construction and are sourced locally:
The roof: Made of hand-selected Bamboo from Bali.
Walls: built from Rammed earth taken from the excavation for the foundations.

Sustainable Material

85% of construction uses sustainable materials.
Walls: Rammed earth from the excavation (foundations) – returns to nature after lifespan.
Roof: Bamboo is the most renewable and robust material on the planet with an amazing lifespan and features.

Energy Saving

The project is designed for energy saving and facilitating natural cooling.
The low thermal conductivity of rammed earth stores heats and cools the environment. Complemented by cross ventilation the result is a natural fresh air flow in the interior.

Waste and Water Treatment

WATER: We use Bioseptics, a 100% environmentally friendly process using microbiological cultures and enzymes for natural decomposition and recovery.
WASTE: We carefully select our partner, paying more for a clean ocean.

The developer

Consisting of an international team with various backgrounds (MBA, construction, sales, design, legal…), passionate about real estate and hospitality. Since 2015, they are personally invested in, developed, and managed projects in Indonesia.

For further information and reference project please contact us. Invest in Nusa Penida's prime property!

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