the dream

Having spent two decades living and traveling in the world’s metropolitan cities, the founders of Private Sanctuary realized that with the work hard – play hard attitude there is little reprieve in terms of a work life balance for high powered executives and businessmen. Being in a position to just sit back, relax, enjoy the moment and reflect becomes a luxury few feel they can still afford in our 24-7 world. Private Sanctuary believes there is more to life and both your home and home away from home should be your own Private Sanctuary where you feel you are living your dream.


we help you conceive your dream both at home to unwind from hard day at work or a long business trip or a holiday home based on some of the nicest spots in the world our team has scouted for you, with dream locations, dream activities and dream amenities.


we help you develop your dream home or home away from home with our team of seasoned architects and designers.


we help you promote your dream for others to enjoy, for you to live free of financial worries on how to sustain the dream.

Please contact us for more information on how we can make your dream become reality.

Tobi Doeringer                                    Daniel Patzold

Dreamweaver                                      Dreambuilder