dream creations by PS Architecture
VILLA | LOMBOK, INDONESIA, at kuta sunset with amazing views N/A
VIEWS: Ocean, MotoGp, Mandalika, Golf Course, Sunset

PS Architecture designed this amazing sunset view villa, incorporated into the natural hill surrounding and curve at Kuta Sunset by Private Sanctuary.

The villa at Kuta Sunset boasts 190 m2 of living space arranged in a single storey pavilion. The building shape has a slight curvature to follow the landscape and opening up to a panoramic view experience of Kuta Bay.

A central lounge area is the focal living area providing a large opening to pool and adjacent terraces and bbq area. Three bedrooms are similarly facing this terrace and enjoy continuous sheltered access to all common outside areas.

Through an overhanging flying roof around the entire house an immediate sheltered outdoor area is provided to blur the notion of inside and outside.

The villa functions as a family hangout and holiday party space. All family members can enjoy a spectacular over Kuta Bay from their bedrooms.

The breathtaking sunset is a daily experience. The huge terrace with its built-in usage areas is planned to entice gathering.

All bedrooms have large sliding doors with seamless connections to the terrace whilst allowing indi vidual privacy for the rooms.

A monolithic marble clad kitchen unit offers the ideal backdrop for culinaric exploration and champagne canapes.

The overhanging roof around the villa spends shadow throughout the day and helps to minimize direct sunlight exposure. It is covering the entrance and also provides for sheltered access to the building.

The long stretched design with its slight curvature shape maximizes the experience of the outside sheltered space framing the panoramic view and providing comfort. 

The bathrooms are equipped with seamless skylights that offer indirect light for the shower and bathing areas. The walls are made out of polished terrazzo, giving a shimmering and warm tranquil ambience.

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